I needz help finding another story; Kurt gets enchanted by a subcumbus and Blaine gets insanely jealous on how much time Kurt's spending with his new BF and neglecting him, and tries to save Kurt when Blaine finds out his BF's secret.

So, I need help finding a story, and this is all I can remember, sorry.

Kurt gets a girl pregnant, and names his son Judas.

Need Help Finding 2 Stories
Alright, so there were two stories that I read a few months ago, and I can't seem to find them again, one was a Jesse/Kurt story where Jesse comes in during SLS and he sings Music of the Night to Kurt to make Blaine jealous and realize his feelings for him, and Kurt gets embaressed.

The other story is a Blaine/Kurt story where Kurt says he never tried some of the sports, but he excells at them, and Blaine asks him how he was so good at them, and Kurt says his mother was from Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference)


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